Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

App Manual

Here you can find help in using the apps!

arrow-circle-down.pngChoose and download an app

Find the app for your field of interest on our apps page. On the left-hand side, you can filter your search by topic, language, location and purpose. Chose your app store (Android or iOS) and downloaded the app to your device. Alternatively, it's also possible to participate in the web-app in your desktop browser. 


key.pngRegister an Account + Login

Once you have downloaded and started the app, you can register your SPOTTERON account: fill in your e-mail address and username. The username doesn't need to be your real one, just make sure it has at least six letters. Choose a password that has at least eight letters. You can log in straight away and start your first Spot immediately!
Bonus: you can use the same SPOTTERON account on all the other apps on the platform, too! There is no need to register again, simply use the same e-mail address and password you have registered with already!

Forgot your password?

Don't worry, you can reset it: Simply go to "Forgot password" below the login area and follow the instructions. A reset link will be sent to the e-mail address with which you've registered your SPOTTERON account.


screenshot-2020-10-13_17.35.29.755.pngYour first observation - your first Spot

Found something you want to share? Make a spot: Simply click the + icon at the bottom centre, and a new "add spot" dialogue opens up.


Choose Category

What do you observe? Choose the right category for your observation element.
Tipp: Depending on the project/the app, there will be different questions and info you can fill out. Not all are mandatory but the more info you can put in, the better! Don't worry if you don't know everything right from the start. The community and the scientists behind the projects are usually very supportive and help each other out so that we all can learn from each other and become better citizen scientists with time!


Add a Picture to the Observation  

There are two ways you can add a picture:
1) Click the camera symbol new_photo.png to open the camera of your phone. Take the photo 
2) Open the gallery in your phone by clicking on the pictures icon upload_photo.png and choose a photo you have taken before to upload to the app.


Save Observation

After you clicked on "Save", the Spot will be added to the map. Congratulations, you have submitted you first observation! A short message with a thank you note will pop up.
Not sure about the Spot, yet? With the hourglass symbol hourglass.png on the bottom right, you can also add your observation to the waiting spots list and upload it later. This is especially useful if you are in a place with no internet connection while spotting. 


Private Spot

Sometimes you don't want to let other users know where you made your observation, either because it's an endangered species or it's in your own private garden - and that's fine! You can stay incognito by clicking "Hide map location" - that way your post will be visible only in the spot list and not on the map (other users can still like and comment on your spot, but will not know where exactly it is), or you can "Fully hide spot" so it's only visible to you and the project admins.


edit.pngEdit Spot

Made a mistake? No problem, you can edit your Spot after it has been saved! Simply click the pen icon edit.png on the upper left-hand side and make your changes, then save again.


edit.pngUpdate Spot - Create Timelines

You can add multiple observations to one location to create a timeline with spot-updates. With the spot-update-icon icon in the detail view you can upload additional photos and data to an existing spot. Alternatively you can create additional observations by entering the Spot-Menu ellipsis-v-square.png and clicking 'Update Spot'.

(Please note, that the Spot-Update-Feature is not activated in all Apps on the SPOTTERON Platform.)


ellipsis-v-square.pngDelete Spot

In case you want to delete an observation, click on the icon with three points above each other and choose "delete spot ". If it's a spot with updates, it will only delete the chosen entry.


list-detail.pngView list of Spots

By clicking on the new spots icon, you can see the most recently added spots.



A whole section in the app is dedicated to showing up-to-date app statistics and community leaderboards to the users. Besides the most active 20 users, in which the top 3 places are highlighted with a golden, silver and bronze star, the statistics show the most spotted categories and an interactive timeline.



In the sidebar menu you can find (among other things) further information on the project: The "waiting spots" you didn't upload yet as drafts, notifications, your profile, personal settings (for example language and map background), the intro-manual, the search function to find other users and a button to log out.

About: Here you can find a more detailed description of the project.

Add Spot: It's also possible to make a new Spot here, just like with the plus button in the main view

Waiting Spots: Here, you will find all the spots that you haven't uploaded, yet, e.g. when you were offline.

Messages: Sometimes, you will receive a push message from the project leaders or SPOTTERON, you can find them all here.

Events: Project leaders can sometimes organise events in your area such as workshops. You can find a list of them here.

Your Profile: Another way how you can adjust your profile. You can add a profile picture, add your interests, education, and many more. 

Search User: You can search other user and follow them. That way you'll always see their new spots, likes, etc.

Offline Maps & Spots: you can save an area on the map on your device (very handy if you're in an area without any internet connection!), and you can also save Spots. You'll find them all here

Settings:  Here you can change the language of the app, the look of the map, and your password.

Replay Intro: This will replay the intro you saw when you opened the app for the very first time.

Logout: You can log on from the app on your current device here.


user.png Profile & Other Users

By clicking on your own profile in the upper right corner, you can get to your own user profile. There you will find a timeline of activities of other users you follow and an overview of the spots you added and also your own profile. You can edit your profile by clicking on the pen symbol. On the very right, you can also find lists of the users you follow and who follow you.


Liking Spots & Comments heart-o.pngheart.png

If you like another user's observation, you can show that by clicking on the heart to like it.


Commenting Spots comment.png

You can comment on other user's spots. This way, you can show your appreciation or ask questions if you need help.


Share Spots share.png

By clicking on the share symbol, you can share your spots via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you copy the link, you can also share it via your medium of choice, for example, via eMail.


Follow / Unfollow Users + Followscreenshot-2020-10-13_17.58.19.422.png

If you don't want to miss new entries by specific users, you can follow them. All you need to do is click on one of the user's entries and "follow ". In the menu, you can also search for users by name.



If something goes wrong.


Error message: Not logged in

If an error message like "you are not logged in" comes up while saving your Spot, save your observation as a draft first. You can find it again under "waiting spots" in the main menu and load it up after you logged in again.


No data connection when observing

You can still make an observation and save it as a draft for later. You can find it in the sidebar in "waiting spots" and upload it whenever you have an internet connection again. It is definitely good and important to collect the observation when you make it. In this case, it will save the actual date you made the observation and not the date of the upload.


GPS-Location doesn't work.

If the reticle doesn't jump to your current location, you can also use the address search search-circle.png to find it or move the map to your current location manually.
If you want to be located automatically, you can turn on GPS (if it wasn't turned on already) and open the app again, wait a few seconds and click on the crosshairs crosshair.png symbol (see "add new Spot spot").



With every contribution (new Spot or spot update) in any SPOTTERON app, you receive one point. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will be rewarded with a badge. The more contributions you have made, the harder it is to get new badges, and sometimes they come unexpectedly. Here is an example of the first nine badges you can get:


Request a copy / delete your personal data

You can request a copy of all your personal data from SPOTTERON by going to "Settings" in the main menu. Likewise, you can also delete all your personal data if needed. Both actions require your password.