Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

The Main Menu

In the main menu, you will find information about the project, "Waiting Spots" that you have created as a draft, messages from the project, your user profile, personal settings (e.B. language and map background), the intro instructions, the possibility to search for other users and a button to unsubscribe from the app.

About the project: Here, you'll find a detailed description of the project and further links.

Add Spot: In addition to adding in the main view, you can also create a new spot from here.

Waiting Spots: Here, you will find all spots that you haven't uploaded yet, e.B. if you were offline when you entered or saved posts to the waiting list. You can access these locally stored entries in the following dialogue, control them, edit them again and then upload them to the project.

Messages: From time to time, the project managers or SPOTTERON send a message to all users. You will find them all listed chronologically in this section. 

Events: In doing projects, there are events and events, e.g. workshops or themed events. You can list them under this menu item. 

Your Profile: Another way to access your user profile and the different areas. Here's also edit mode for your profile, where you can provide more information, change your display name, add a profile picture, specify your interests, and more.

Search User: Here, you can search for other users and then follow them. So you can create your network of friends and interesting contacts in the app and on the platform, and you never miss their latest posts or comments.

Offline Maps & Spots: You can save a snippet of the map to your smartphone to use when you're offline. The offline maps can also be managed and deleted in this interface. You can also list and manage your locally stored offline spots in the following section.

Settings: Here, you can change the language of the app, the design of the card, as well as your password. The settings also include options for receiving a copy of your saved cards and deleting your user account and personal data on SPOTTERON.

Replay Intro: Here, you can replay the intro that appears when you first open the app.

Logout: Here, you can log out from the app on your current device.