Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

First Steps in the App

Find the app for your area of interest on the SPOTTERON app overview. On the left, you can filter your search by topic, language, and location. Click on any app project's detailed view to find a detailed description, images of the app, links to the smartphone apps, and a link to the homepage or map. Follow the link to your App Store and install the app on your Android or IOS smartphone. As an alternative to the app, you can also enter your observations on the interactive map of the project website. Click here to find all apps on SPOTTERON
After you've downloaded and launched the app, you can register your SPOTTERON account by entering your email address and username. The user name does not have to be your real name. Just make sure it consists of at least six characters. Pick a password with at least eight characters. After registering a new account, you are logged in immediately. In a second step, you can optionally set up your user profile - all information and the profile picture you upload are voluntary. After that, you can start immediately with the entry of your first spot in the app! One user account, many apps! You can also use your new SPOTTERON account for all other apps on the platform without re-registering! Just use the same email address and password you signed in with, and you'll be able to enter your observations and content on the app's topic.
When an App uses functions of your smartphone or tablet, like e.g. the camera or GPS, it needs to ask for your permission to be able to access that functionality. All Apps on the SPOTTERON platform ask for just a minimum um necessary core permissions:  Access to your location: used for zooming the map onto your area. Access to your media & camera: used for adding photos to your spots. After the introduction slides, the App will ask for the first permission: Access your location. This permission allows the App to simply display the map area correctly and zoom to your approximate position on our planet. Please allow the App to access your location to have your GPS working correctly. When you create your first spot, you can add a photograph to it. In some Apps, this photo is even mandatory for e.g. documentation. Photographs can be added via camera or from your photo gallery on your phone. In either case, the App needs permission to be able to access your camera or gallery so you can choose or take your photograph for your spot. Further permissions:In some Apps, there are additional features requiring further permissions. For Apps allowing the recording of audio and sound, for example, the App asks for permission to access the microphone. We always let the Apps ask for just the minimum of necessary permissions and do not use your data in any other way than providing the functionality of the App for you.