Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

Discover the world with outdoor apps
What can you discover on your adventure?
What can you discover on your adventure?
Exploring the forest

Wanna explore your world?

Choose your App, install and go out!

An urban adventure

What can you discover?

Post your findings for a purpose!

Don't walk alone

Don't walk alone.

Join the SPOTTERON Community!

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You care about the world? Welcome to SPOTTERON Apps!

On SPOTTERON, you can explore your world and contribute your findings in community-driven Apps. Each App on the platform has a specific topic, from nature observation or environmental protection to sharing photos of arts and culture. In many Apps, you are actively helping scientists to understand our world better with citizen science. In others, you support nature conservation and environment protection with your contributions. With the SPOTTERON Apps, you have a digital map journal right in your pocket, which allows you to record your observations and upload photos. All Apps are ad-free, and there is no permanent user tracking present - because your digital privacy matters. Join our active community of other users who share the same interest and walk our planet with open eyes. Let's discover the world together!

 Community Citizen Science App with Map on Smartphone

 A map journal for your discoveries

In every App, you can put your observations on the map and share your discoveries with others. Start mapping your adventure, post your observations and create your collection!

Community SPOTTERON 01

Join a friendly community

Don't walk alone! In each App, you will find an active community of like-minded others who also love to discover our world and who share your care about our planet.

SaveTheWorldWithScience SPOTTERON 01

 Help science to save our world

Post your findings for a purpose! In contrast to socialmedia, your uploads make a difference by helping researchers and environmentalists via citizen science.

Free Apps For Adventures 

Always free and without ads

All Apps on the platform are ad-free. We do not want to sell you something or monetize your personal data. Each App is 100% free - and that will stay that way forever.


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Starting with your first SPOTTERON App is easy:

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Choose your App

Select an App that interests you. All SPOTTERON Apps are ad-free, non-commercial and privacy-safe, so you can just try it out! In each App you can share your observations and support the project and its cause. Find all available Apps on the SPOTTERON App Library.

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Install the App on your Smartphone

Go to the linked App Store page and install the App of your choice on your smartphone. For Android Phone, use the Play Store, for iPhones use the Apple App Store. You can also search for the App's name on the App Store of your device and install it from there.

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Login and start spotting!

Create a user account or log in with an existing one. You can register a new user account with a minimal amount of personal data, just an e-mail address is enough! After registration, you can use the same account across all Apps on the SPOTTERON platform.


Recommended Apps to start:

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NatureSpots - observe nature

Explore nature and share your animals, plants, fungi and habitat observations
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Spot art, creative spaces, street art and graffiti in your city or town
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