Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

NatureSpots - observe nature

Anyone with a passion for nature, photography, and the protection of our planet can be a naturalist. The NatureSpots App enables nature lovers, biodiversity enthusiast, nature conservation activists and everyone else interested in wildlife and natural habitats to share animal, plant or fungi observations and habitat discoveries on their adventures.

Once you start you won't be able to stop - suddenly you'll know more plants, mushrooms and animals than ever before. You'll explore new habitats with your smartphone and reveal secret worlds. You'll make discoveries and get to know your surroundings better. The NatureSpots App is your companion on travels, walks, hikes, and your diary about your nature sightings.

 With NatureSpots you can:

  • Add your nature observations on the map - it's quick and easy!
  • Share photos of animals, plants and fungi
  • Add habitat observations and record their status
  • Add to your collection of findings and discoveries
  • An active community helps you with species identification
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature together with like-minded people
  • Contribute to a common cause of creating an Open Data nature inventory
  • Start protecting biodiversity and nature and share your experiences

Share your photos of animals, plants and mushrooms.

In the App you can share photos with the community and put habitat observations on the map. Participation is easy: take or select a photo of animals, plants and mushrooms and input your classification. The App is working together with Wikipedia, and you can select any animal, plant or mushroom species from around the world! Or simply share a picture of a natural habitat you found. 
If you do not know the species' name, you can mark that and others in the App can help you with the identification.

A new community about nature and wildlife observations

You can browse others' nature photos and interact with them by leaving a quick comment, asking a question, or like the photo by giving a heart. Like yourself, other nature enthusiasts contribute their discoveries and knowledge in the App. We help each other with species identification, and our collective swarm intelligence is ready to stand always at your side. After joining up, the App is ready from the start, and you can upload the first photograph of the wildlife or a natural habitat immediately.

Non-commercial and independent

You can freely set up your user profile as you like and register with a minimum amount of personal data processed. There is no commercial interest behind NatureSpots, we respect your digital privacy, and we do not include trackers in the App. NatureSpots is built by the team behind the Citizen Science platform SPOTTERON. Having a modern, independent, and community-driven App can help engage more people in caring about nature and biodiversity. One can only protect what is known - and in times of the loss of biodiversity, climate change and growing dangers to our environment, this is more important than ever.

Biodiversity data

NatureSpots is not just a photo app for nature exploration - together, we are also creating a nature inventory. In the App, you can add attributes like "Invasive species", the number of observed Animals, Plants or Mushrooms, or the stage of development of a species. Your entries help to document biodiversity or to re-discover endangered species. With such data, we can understand the threat to wildlife and ecology better. All entries are published anonymously as open data and can be freely used by nature conservation organisations, local initiatives, environment NGOs or scientists.

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