Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

Your User Profile and the Community

You're not alone in the App - besides entering new posts on the map, there's an entire community that welcomes you! Many functions are available to interact with the other participants.

user.png Your Profile & the Community

By clicking on your profile picture at the top right, you access your user profile.

Your user profile consists of the list of notifications from the App, an overview of your posts, your badges, and your profile, which you can edit with the pen icon. You can switch between the individual areas via the icons at the top right or by swiping in the panel. If you keep scrolling, you will still find lists of users you follow and follow you.

list detailNotifications (Newsfeed)

The central view is the notifications that summarise all activities and news from your Friends network and the project chronologically. Here you will find the latest new spots from users you follow in the App, comments on your own posts or replies to your comments in other spots, news that the project has sent to all users or notifications about your posts such as likes and content corrections by moderators.

list detailYour Spot Collection

The second panel provides a collection of your own posts in the App.


list detailBadges

By being active in the App, you can collect a variety of funny badges. After creating your first spot, you will find a little thank you for participating.


list detailPublic Profile

You can provide additional information about you, your background, motivation, and equipment to your account. These are optional and will be displayed to other people in the app to help your friends find you on the SPOTTERON platform and connect with you.

list detailMore Panels

If you scroll further to the right (swipe), you will get to the overview pages of the users you follow on the platform and those who follow you. You can use the Button sequences to link yourself to other users.