Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

Location of Entries (GPS / location service)

When you first launch the app, you'll be asked if you want to allow the app to access your location. The location of your posts is an essential part of all apps on SPOTTERON.

Please allow access to the location service the first time you start the app to use it without any problems. On the map, you can see a dot with a circle around it. The dot is the location that the app gets back from your smartphone, and the circle represents approximate accuracy.

In the app, you can always use the location icongps circle to jump to your current location. This may take a few moments, depending on the signal strength.

When entering a spot, the map is above the entry form. On the map, there is a crosshair new_photo.png that points to where you want to locate your entry. You can drag the map to the correct location or use the location symbolgps circle here to jump to your current location using the phone's location services (aka GPS).

Any Issues?

To use your location in the app, the Location Service must be enabled in your phone's operating system. There are also several quality levels in the system settings of your smartphone.

If your location is turned off on your smartphone, close the app entirely, turn on the location service, reopen the app, wait a few seconds and click on the icon (see "Create a new spot")

If the location still does not work despite all attempts, it's possible that the app doesn't have permission to access the location service. Please check your app settings in the operating system or uninstall the app again and reinstall it from your App Store. This allows the app to reaccess your location as if the first time the app is launched.