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Slip of Evidence

Do you know what the connection is between underpants and vegetables? Underpants can be used to assess how alive the soil is. In this Citizen Science project, scientists from the University of Zurich and Agroscope Switzerland are testing whether this is true. 'Slip of Evidence' invites every citizen to join in and do research, whether you are a farmer, hobby gardener, self-supporter or flower lover.

The more rotten the underpants, the healthier the soil

Soil provides food and is home to trillions of tiny creatures whose abundance and productivity are healthy soil hallmarks. However, environmental pollution, extensive overdevelopment or over-intensive agriculture are endangering these healthy areas. So it is time to take a closer look!

In the project "Slip of Evidence", scientists want to explore the jungle under our feet together with Citizen Scientists. With your help, they can collect as much data as possible and create an overview of soil health. And you will find out how healthy the soil is in your field or garden! 

In the app, you can describe your location and document and share your 'digging in' and 'digging out' observations. You then send your soil and underpants samples to the lab, where soil life activity is elicited. Throughout the project, participants will be able to interact in the forum on the website There, the most exciting results are published, discussed and compared. The app's interactive map shows where underpants were buried and what they look like after being dug up. In this way, the researchers learn more about the soil activity on site - and the participants receive tips on 'how-to-improve' the quality of their soil sustainably and ecologically.

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