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Nature Park Garden - Small Gardens, Big Impact | BUND

Gardening is currently experiencing a renaissance. Eating fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables from your own garden is a beautiful experience. It is even better when you consider natural cycles in cultivation, avoid pesticides and peat, and promote biodiversity. Gardens offer enormous potential for protecting biodiversity. This Citizen Science App will help you with that!

Be part of creating a large nature park of insect-friendly gardens!

Allotments and private gardens, and communal green spaces with their biodiversity are part of the German cultural heritage and have enormous potential as habitats for insects, birds and small mammals, provided they are managed in a natural and pesticide-free manner. Many hobby gardeners are already doing this, but the knowledge is often not very widespread. The BUND would like to make the large area of ​​near-natural gardens visible and put it into focus. 

Why participate?

The BUND gives tips and advice on natural gardening without pesticides and peat and for diversity in the garden and would like to encourage gardeners, school classes, municipalities and interested parties to make their gardens, areas and balconies insect-friendly and to share their experiences. The aim is to create a large contiguous area (biotope network) of insect-friendly gardens in Germany, where valuable species can spread out and thrive. Take part and put your garden, school garden, balcony or communal green space on the map and help protect our nature and biodiversity!

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