Short note: This website is in Beta - we are currently building everything up but you can already find the apps to download and participate! Thank you and stay safe!

MaKenya - Mammal Atlas Kenya

With the MAKENYA - Mammal Atlas Kenya App, you can discover and contribute to the fascinating world of Kenyan Mammals. Explore about 390 mammal species throughout Kenya and get involved in the first Kenyan Mammal Monitoring App. Share your photographs or observations with a community of animal lovers, researchers, scientists, and citizens to help understand the world of mammals.

Are you ready for adventure? Anybody can be a naturalist!

Kenya is one of Africa's most important countries when it comes to biodiversity. Since mammal species occur everywhere, in the air, on land, in water, and underground, in and outside protected areas - anybody with a passion for nature can be a naturalist. Whether if you are on an expedition, or a nature photographer, or an animal lover. Every record of mammal species submitted to MAKENYA is useful data that can help understand the world of mammals and save species in the long run.

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