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Brush-turkey in Big City Birds App spotted by Sdr00y on 22.05.2021

Brush-turkey spotted by Sdr00y: “BIRDS 22/05/2021 Birds Bird count: 5 Kind of birds: male, female Behaviours: foraging, agression 5 brush turkeys looking for breakfast. (There are two at the top of the picture, one is obscured by the lemon tree branch). I think these birds are all about the same age, possibly last season's babies. I'm not sure how fast they grow. I think there are 4 females & 1 male here, but I'm no expert in telling them apart and if they are only young they may not be displaying yet. They are all frequent visitors to this spot & the roost close to here too.” in the Big City Birds App on 22.05.2021

#BigCityBirds #Brushturkey #SPOTTERON

Spot in Big City Birds

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