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birds in BrushTurkeys App spotted by Langley on 28.12.2020

birds spotted by Langley: “Chick was found pecking the ground between cars in Langley Avenue and the dirt beside Gerard Street. It was in a precarious position so I put the chick in a cardboard box, researched WIRES, called a 24 hour vet who mentioned the birds are territorial, and decided to leave the box in the gardens of an apartment block over the road from the initial location. The box was placed around 8:30pm 27/12/20 with chick happily asleep inside with a courtesy cicada and water for breakfast. By 1pm 28/12/20 the chick was dead beside the path of the gardens, with apparent beak attack marks to its face and eye. I moved it to the mound up the road outside the council building. This is not a good area for brushturkeys!” in the BrushTurkeys App on 28.12.2020

#BrushTurkeys #birds #SPOTTERON

Spot in BrushTurkeys

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