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How to measure rainfall

Rainfall at a certain location is measured with a rain gauge. At the station, the rain gauge is mounted on the right side of the info board (see example below).

  ID 1671 info board

Rainfall is measured in millimeters (mm). The scale on the side of the rain gauge indicates how much rain fell since the last time the rain gauge was emptied. The scale is divided into intervals of 1 mm (short marks) and 5 mm (long marks). Look at the water in the rain gauge. Position yourself, such that your eyes are at the same height as the water level in the rain gauge (see example below).

ID 1671 rain gauge example

The mark closest to the water level in the rain gauge is the amount of rainfall. In the example above the rainfall is 10 mm. After submitting your rainfall measurement, don't forget to empty the rain gauge by turning it upside down and afterward turning it back with the inlet facing toward the sky (like it is in the first image).