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How to measure turbidity

Turbidity can be measured with a turbidity tube (see image below).

  ID 1685 turbidity tube

The tube has a scale on the side. Higher values indicate that more particles are dissolved in the water and that it its less clear. In terms of water quality, the lower the value the better.

To measure the turbidity several steps are necessary:

First fill the bucket attached to the chain with water from the river. Try to collect water from the surface of the river and not from the river bed.

Then pour a little bit of water into the turbidity tube until it reaches the first mark (see sample photo below).

ID 1685 first mark

Now look into the turbidity tube from the top. Can you see the green circle at the bottom of the tube?

ID 1685 green circle

 -If you can't see the green circle anymore, read the value at the lowest mark on the tube and enter the value in the appropriate field in the HydroCrowd app. If the green circle is still visible, fill the tube until the next mark. Repeat the process until you can't see the green circle anymore.

ID 1685 no pattern

Enter the value in the application where the circle is no longer visible.