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Bushbuck in MAKENYA App spotted by Simon Musila on 17.11.2021

Bushbuck spotted by Simon Musila: “I was having a rest deep Haller Park alon, northern part when the animal approached me to about 10M. I remained still like a stone while I looked at the animal face to face. The animal kept of trying to test whether I was a stone on alive, by shaking head and trying to take measured steps towards me until it got as near as 6M. It tried everything in it's books to make me move but I resisted; until the animal gave up and decided it could not take the risk of getting near me. And so it backed off and walked away, and started watching me from the bushes about 30M away. It was an interesting observation how animals investigate new features in the environment” in the MAKENYA App on 17.11.2021



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