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Brush-turkey in Big City Birds App spotted by Bob8 on 03.06.2022

Brush-turkey spotted by Bob8: “5 Brush Turkey in back yard 2 male 3 females and all seem to be running around madly for about 10 minutes before stopping and then two hopped down from 6-8 m tree branches and they chased each other for about 10 minutes these two were juvenile not adult . These turkeys are digging holes in the back yard and their digging around the roots of a mature 8m bottlebrush was noticed a couple of months ago. Surprisingly this 6-8 m bottlebrush with a big number of 40cm long cones has died completely but this may also be the long rains . The foraging of all these birds is continuous and a daily visit occurs because there are no cats or dogs in the enclosed property.” in the Big City Birds App on 03.06.2022

#BigCityBirds #Brushturkey #SPOTTERON

Spot in Big City Birds

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