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BattleReport in BattleSpots App spotted by Balázs Oross on 24.06.2022

BattleReport spotted by Balázs Oross: “HammerTime Caffe - hobby store a great place to play Date: 3050 January Location. Local residents are not happy about being on the red side of the border, so they've hired a mercenary team to help undercut the power of the newly appointed governor. The dragon is trying to maintain order and consolidate his power with ironclad rule, one of the tools being the firefighting platoon of the 1st Genyosha D Battalion, which has been deployed to the planet. The resistance has succeeded in forcing a Shilone fighter led by a colonel of the Draconian Combine to the ground. The engagement was to capture the colonel and obtain millitary intelligence. Forces deployed: Genyosha - LGB-7Q / VTR-9D / CRD-3K / THG-11E Mercenaries (me) - AS7-RS / MAD-3M / CPLT-C1 / JR7-F4” in the BattleSpots App on 24.06.2022

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