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Soil texture

Texture by Feel

You can analyze the texture of soil with just your hands. This helps with classifying the kind of soil you are observing. There are 3 types of soil structures: sand, silt and clay.

How to analyse soil texture by feel

gallery img01First, take a soil sample. For this, you need a hand shovel with which you can excavate the soil down to 10 cm.

gallery img02Afterwards it is necessary to prepare your sample. You should remove plants, roots and stones from the soil sample. If the soil is too dry, it must be sprayed with water. If it is too wet, dry soil must be added.

gallery img03Then, the soil must be rolled between the palms of your hands until it has a shape similar to a sausage.

gallery img04Now the soil must be examined. Is the soil...

gallery img05a....sandy? - a light soil that falls apart on the hand because it is very crumbly.

gallery img06b. ... silty? - a medium-heavy soil that can be rolled into a short thick sausage.

gallery img07c.... clayey? - a heavy soil that can be formed into a long thin sausage.