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Careprost Plus Eye Drop | 10% OFF + Get Free Shipping |

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Careprost Plus Eye Drop is a combination of two medications used to treat ocular hypertension (eye pressure) and glaucoma. It functions by reducing the pressure of fluid within the eye (aqueous humor), thereby reducing the elevated eye pressure.

Careprost Plus Eye Drops should be used only in the affected eye and for the prescribed duration and dosage. Wash your hands prior to administering this medication. Before using, carefully review the label's instructions. Even if you feel better, do not skip any doses and complete the entire course of treatment.

Common adverse effects at the application site include burning, irritation, itching, and redness. Inform your doctor if these adverse effects persist for an extended period of time. In the event that this medication enters your ears, sinuses, or mouth by accident, rinse it with copious amounts of water immediately.

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